Durham & York



York Cathedral

York Cathedral

Durham and York hold two of the greatest cathedrals in the English speaking world.

On consecutive evenings, our group was able to attend Choral Evensong at each. The magnificent setting, beautiful liturgy, and gifted singers made these evenings very special.

The evensong we know grew from the singing and chanting of Vespers, or evening prayer, by monks throughout early Britain and the continent of Europe.

The towering ceilings and spectacularly-inspired stained glass windows at Durham Cathedral and York Minster created the setting for a profound and intimate time with the Lord.

After the Viking raids began on Lindisfarne in 793, the basecamp for the Church in northern England moved over time from the coast to Durham, then York.  William the Conqueror built the inspired Cathedral at Durham, which is perhaps the greatest Romanesque building in Europe, in a remarkably short 40 year period in the late 11th century.

In York, medieval builders took the genius of Norman architecture to another level.  For me, the Minster is the most awe-inspiring place of worship in the world.  We were thrilled to attend both Holy Eucharist in the morning and Evensong in the late-afternoon.  And we gathered for coffee and tea in the magnificent chapter house, standing, sitting, and chatting where kings and archbishops have done the same for 1,000 years.

What a Sunday.


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